Asgard Associates, Inc. was founded in 2008 by its President, Andrew Malone.  The company strives for purposeful and rapid growth by investing in sustainable real estate strategies.  In addition to real estate development, the company also provides consulting services to contractors, builders, architects, planners and other developers.

We believe that the built environment has a profound impact on the human spirit. The way a neighborhood, street or building is organized effects all who interact with it.  The goal of all of our projects is to create places that people are compelled to love. To us, this means creating neighborhoods and buildings that people embrace as an improvement to their community when they’re built and which they fight to save from demolition- places with soul and buildings of the highest character.

We also believe that creating destination type real estate produces lasting income and appreciation that is unmatched in the market place.  Examples of this can be seen throughout the history of New Urbanist and other creative class focused projects, from the revitalization of inner cities to the recent emphasis on lifestyle centers across the nation.  We view the concept of The Long Tail or "the realization that the sum of many small markets is worth as much, if not more, than a few large markets.” as one of the most important concepts in business and particularly real estate today.  It is important to understand the depth of these concepts in order to truly satisfy one’s customers.