Our mission is to create regions of lasting economic and social vitality for public benefit and private gain through education, assistance, adaptive re-use and contextual infill for local real estate and businesses. To this end, we’ve developed a commitment to discover and enhance each neighborhood’s unique sense of place by striving to understand its local history, traditions and communal values.  We work diligently to develop a shared vision for each property, neighborhood and city which can be implemented with creativity and authenticity.

We are committed to the contents of the Charter for the New Urbanism and the principles discovered by Jane Jacobs in the Death and Life of Great American Cities.  These principles are timeless reminders that cities are a natural part of the ecosystem and should be treated with great respect.  It is our opinion that the environmental benefits and high performance of the green building movement does not preclude building places with soul and grace.  In fact, the two are complimentary and should be embraced with every opportunity.

Our goal is to insure that our professional teammates are well trained, hard working, self motivated, well compensated and regularly appreciated. To our customers, we make every effort to under-promise and over-deliver the most personalized and valuable services we’re able to provide.  It is our goal to create significant and sustainable equity growth through enhancements that maximize the value of each of our assets.